Taxes done right means claiming the deductions and credits based on your unique situation

Taxes done right means Savings for you & your family


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From simple taxes to complex taxes, from employed to self-employed, from drivers of taxis to drivers of trucks, from ­­rental income to business income, f­­rom investment income to splitting of income, residency returns to special ele­­­­­­ction returns, we have the experience and expertise to help you in the most affordable way and to the best of your advantage.

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Tax Planning

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Tax Time: What to take when you go to file your taxes, a quick checklist

We have compiled a list of important tax related items that are most frequently used. We want to maximize your tax refund and it is only possible if you take benefit of each and every tax credit and deduction that you are entitled to. Please note that this checklist is not just limited to the items listed below. Based on your unique personal situation, there can me more or less credits or deduction that you can use for your advantage. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

T3               From Bank/Mutual Fund Co., for Interst, Dividends, Capital Gains
T4               Employment Income
T5               Bank/Mutual Fund Co. for Interst, Dividends, Capital Gains
T4E             Employment Insurance
T4A             Different Institutions, Pensions, Annuities, Commissions, Business Income
T2202A       University/College Tuition / Education receipts 
T5007         Social Assistance Payments or Workers's Compensation Payments
T4A (P)        Canada Pension Plan Benefits
T4A (OAS)   Old Age Security Benefits

Some Additional Slips and Where to Find it
RRSP (When you contribute in RRSP) 
T4RSP (When you cash out RRSP)
Home Buyers Plan (Notice of Assessment)
Life Long Learning Plan (Notice of Assessment)

Additional Income/Deductions
Union or Professional Dues (Deduction)
Support Payments (Income or Deduction)
Foreign Income (Income)
Rental Income (Profit/loss)
Business (Income)
Self Employment (Profit/loss)
Investment Income (Income)
Carrying Charges and Interest Expense (Deduction)                      
Moving Expenses (Deduction) 

Tax Credits
Public Transit Pass receipts 
Medical Expenses
Charitable Donations
Political Contributions
Student Loans Interest

Dependent(s) Information
RC62 UCCB (Universal Child Care Benefit)
Child Care Expenses
T2202A or TL11 (Tuition)
Children's Fitness Amount
Children's Art Amount
Ontario Children's Activity Credit
* If any child turning 19 before April 1st of next year

Property Tax Credits: Rent/Property Tax paid

Installment Payments If you paid taxes in advance

Some Other Documentation
Bring your Notice of (Re)Assessment
T2200 Decalation of Conditions of Employment
Documenation related to sale of Stocks/Shares, Bonds, Real Estate